The firm’s accredited family law specialist, Chris Rowe, has over twenty five years’ experience in family law and is the most experienced accredited specialist in Bundaberg.  Chris can advise clients on a timely and cost effective basis about how the law will be applied to their particular case and is always willing to look at ways of mediating disputes before costs get out of hand. 

Chris has a good relationship with many valuers. accountants, and barristers and can brief an appropriate expert if required.

It is extremely dangerous to try to negotiate a property settlement arrangement without the assistance of solicitors. There are some hoops to jump through in order to obtain a binding arrangement which will protect against future claims. Private agreements which are not documented according to the principles laid out in the Act may also expose a party to stamp duty and unforeseen tax consequences.

It is best to seek independent legal advice about your position and Chris Rowe can help you here.

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