Wills, Probate, Estate Planning and Succession

A Will is a document that sets out who you wish to administer your estate and who will receive your assets and belongings after you die.   Having a valid Will is the only way you can tell those you leave behind how you want your assets to be distributed. A valid Will also ensures your estate is given to those you want to receive it and will exclude the statutory regime that would apply in the absence of a valid Will.

A badly prepared Will could mean that:

  1. your assets are not distributed as you had intended;
  2. assets are left exposed to creditors;
  3. tax advantages are lost;
  4. the formalities required for a valid Will may not have been complied with;
  5. Your estate may be compromised by family members who are not satisfied with their share of your assets.

Your Will should always be kept in a safe place and copies should be kept to a minimum.   At Baker O'Brien & Toll Solicitors we can keep your Will in our Safe Custody Safe, a service that is provided free of charge to all our clients.

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