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Child Support and Spouse Maintenance

In most cases, child support is administered independently by the Child Support Agency pursuant to a formula provided for in the legislation. The formula takes into account a number of factors, such as each party’s income and the time each party spends with the children. The Court has limited jurisdiction to look at child support issues, usually only after an administrative review of the assessment by the Child Support Registrar.

Sometimes, negotiations for child support can be built into property settlement negotiations, particularly if lump sum child support is intended, or support in the form of school fees, costs of tuition and sporting commitments or other support is contemplated. In these circumstances, child support agreements are a useful tool, and can often provide certainty for parents.

Whatever your circumstances, you should seek legal advice from Chris Rowe in relation to your child support and spouse maintenance matters to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for you and your children.

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