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Family Law

“Providing family law advice is an exercise which balances a sound knowledge of the law with practical considerations. Experienced family lawyers know that emotional and financial costs are a major factor in family law decision making.


Our clients have a clear advantage when they are with us; we are renowned for our client care, wealth of knowledge, and excellence in family law. My strategic approach to family law ensures our clients are always informed, prepared and two steps ahead.”


– Chris Rowe, Partner and Family Law Accredited Specialist


How we can help you

We’ve been helping Bundaberg families navigate the challenges and legal complications of separation and divorce, and the resulting parental and financial issues, for decades. We listen and achieve a result that’s right for you.

We can help you by identifying the major issues early on in your matter. If your case is about property settlement, we can assist by identifying the range within which reasonable disagreement is possible and by helping you to negotiate within that range. If your case is about parenting, we can help you to achieve an outcome that delivers a meaningful relationship between the children and their parents whilst guarding against issues of risk.

At Baker O’Brien Toll, Chris Rowe focuses solely on family law. Whatever your family legal matter, having a specialist family lawyer on your side can make a huge difference to your current and future position, especially when it comes to finances and children.

Our approach

The majority of all family law cases are resolved by consent, and we can help you explore all reasonable settlement options. We use our experience to provide each and every client with a service that never falters in regards to efficiency and creativity to achieve the best possible outcome.  We take a strong yet sensible and practical approach in family law matters.

We are committed to being there when you need us and whether you just want to know your legal options, ease confusion, get answers to common questions or start a case, call us and we will guide you through each individual step and advise you in regard to costs.

Sometimes a Judge’s decision will be required, particularly with a view to preserving assets in property settlement cases or protecting children from risk in parenting matters. As Bundaberg’s first Family Law Specialist, Chris has been appearing in the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court for over twenty-five years and is an experienced and capable advocate.  If your matter does go to Court, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Our team will tailor their expertise to meet your individual needs, ensuring you are supported throughout your case. Many family law issues are time-critical. If you think you may need legal help, don’t delay.

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